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Quantum Fields of Consciousness & the Mind (Part II)

Rajesh Bhutkar


Some scientists are striving very hard to unveil the mystery of consciousness. For that purpose they have been utilizing not only quantum theory but also the Grand Unified Theory. In my perspective, to lay consciousness in the ambit of our awareness, one needs a three-tier system. The first tier is consciousness, the second is mind and the third is brain. My hypothesis is based on the Vedanta (Hindu Religious Scriptures), which says “Ahm Brahmasmi” meaning “I am God” or another statement as “Tatvamasi” meaning “You are That”. In the first statement “I” refers to mind and “God” means consciousness; whereas in the second statement “You” represents mind and “That” represents consciousness. I refer to John Keely’s work of Sympathetic Vibratory Science developed in 19th century to postulate my proposition of consciousness and mind and then use the postulates made by Hu and Wu to support it. Thereafter, Chalmers’ questions are answered without ambiguities.

Part II of this two-part article includes: Spirituality & Consciousness, Mind as an Observer of the Universe, Quantum Field of Mind, Quantum Characterization of Mind, and References.

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