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Lithium & Brain in TGD Framework

Matti Pitkanen


Lithium has been used for more than 50 years as a mood stabilizer in manic depression. During recent years, Lithium has been studied intensively and it was found that lithium can be used also in treatment of schizophrenia and many other brain disorders. The effectiveness of Lithium is however difficult to understand in the standard framework of biology. In TGD framework, organism-environment pair of standard biology is replaced with the triplet magnetic body - organism - environment. Magnetic body uses biological body as sensory receptor and motor instrument. This suggests that the re-establishment of communications of brain with some level of the magnetic body is how lithium causes its positive effects. Magnetic body does not receive information about brain and cannot control it since dark Lithium ions and corresponding cyclotron radiation are not present. The disorders caused by the lack Lithium and other biologically important ions would therefore be something totally new from the perspective of standard neuroscience.

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