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Possible Role of Quantum Physics in Transpersonal & Metaphysical Psychology

Raul Valverde


The three main schools that explain the origin of consciousness are neuroscientist, skeptic and quantum. The quantum school explains consciousness by applying quantum theories and explains that consciousness has a quantum origin, is non local and creates our perceived reality from vibrating entities that can have multiple versions based on the observer’s perception. Although the neuroscientist model has been used by most traditional psychology schools, the quantum consciousness model has recently gotten a lot of attention as it can be used to support more metaphysical paradigms of psychology such as metapsychology and transpersonal psychology that recognize the dualistic nature of the human (spiritual and physical). Although the quantum consciousness model is still not well understood and accepted by traditional psychologists, it provides a multidimensional view of the human being that might explain the complex human consciousness that is still a mystery for most of us that are fascinated by the creativity and wonderful power of the human mind.

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