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Number Theoretical Feats & TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness

Matti Pitkanen


Number theoretical feats of some mathematicians like Ramanujan remain a mystery for those believing that brain acts as a classical computer. Also the ability of idiot savants - lacking even the idea about what prime is - to factorize integers to primes challenges the idea that an algorithm is involved. In this article I discuss some ideas about how various arithmetical feats such as partitioning an integer to a sum of integers and to a product of prime factors might take place. The ideas are inspired by the number theoretic vision about TGD suggesting that basic arithmetics might be realized as naturally occurring processes at quantum level and the outcomes might be sensorily perceived. I will also discuss how quantum computations could be carried out fast in zero energy ontology (ZEO) using Ramanujan as example.

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ISSN: 2153-8212