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The Transcendent Nature of Human Consciousness

Alex Vary


In this essay, I explore the phenomena that underlie, implement, and attend the transcendent nature of human consciousness. The gift and power of transcendent human consciousness is that it joins our minds to Universal Consciousness which is incontrovertibly extraterrestrial. Cosmology theory describes how the Earth sprang forth in the Cosmos, after tens of billions years, providing a terrestrial habitant which harbors the physical embodiment of our consciousness. The physical embodiment of consciousness is essential to establish a platform from which the Cosmos may be observed, experienced, studied, and explored. It is concluded that from this platform our higher consciousness may encompass, traverse, explore and share with other similarly conscious beings the knowable Cosmos, transcendently sweeping over vast intra-galactic distances. Higher consciousness is in this sense unbounded and extraterrestrial, but the mystery of how it spans the cosmos and finds residence in viable embodiments and bio-neural systems is still unresolved.

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