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On the Notions of Self & Time

Matti Pitkanen


In this essay, the author asks questions associated with the notion of self and the relation between subjective and geometric time. First, the precise nature of the hierarchy of causal diamonds (CDs) as correlate of self-hierarchy should be characterzed. Then, the basic prediction that sub-selves also have time-reversed varians should be interpreted and one can ask whether sensory-motor dichotomy is a sensible interpretation. One can, of course, wonders whether sub-selves are always experienced as mental images and whether after-images really represent re-incarnations of sub-selves. One can further ask whether the rather dramatic prediction of re-incarnations can be transformed to an experimentally testable prediction. If one takes seriously the notion of self-hierarchy and identifies the EEG correlates of self in a manner proposed by Fingelkurts brothers, this kind of prediction is possible.

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ISSN: 2153-8212