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The Noetic Origin of Sexual Preference: An Integrative Cartesian, Jungian and Unified Field Mechanical Parameter Approach (Part II)

Richard L. Amoroso


The climate surrounding sexual preference is politically charged, and before the introduction of Noetic Field Theory; contemporary science has been unable to describe the complex framework for the origin of sexual preference, because science has not had either a comprehensive model of living systems or consciousness able to delineate the correspondence between biophysics and the noetic effect of the 3rd regime of unified field mechanics (UFM). This work begins reviewing aspects of psychology, biology and cognitive science, then develops an anthropic telergic teleology of mind-body interaction (physically real Cartesian interactive dualism) as the context for developing a pragmatic scientific model for the fundamental origin of sexual preference. The model utilizes archetypes originating in Jung’s concept of a collective unconscious which are also presumed to be physically real elements of mind. This so-called Noetic Theory (relying on spirit (chi, prana) as an inherent self-organized aspect of a vital field, as a physically real action principle, predicts a prenatal stressor acting during a key stage of embryonic development typically under a panoply of one or both parents exhibiting a threshold (gradient of severity) personality disorder(s). The resultant action of this noetic effect orients the anima and animus archetypes as they are coupled into the biophysical substrate of the psyche (soul) and reverses, for the case of sexual preference, the normal orientation hierarchy of the noetic field within the individuals psychosphere. Initially, because of conceptual similarity, the periodic reversal of the Earth’s geomagnetic field by the force of solar wind on the dynamo at the Earth’s core is utilized as a metaphor to axiomatically illustrate the prenatal inversion of the Jungian anima and animus. This scenario is followed by a more technical and experimentally testable scientific description utilizing pertinent new principles related to the UFM domain discovery of physics of awareness.

Part II of this four-part article includes: 11. Population Genetics; 12. Evolution from Classical Freudian to Integrative Noetic Psychology; 13. Advent of the New Science of Consciousness - Psychophysical Bridging; 14. Noetic Field Theory: Foundation for Cosmology of Mind in an Anthropic Multiverse; and 15. Cosmology of the Noetic Psychosphere.

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