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Four Approaches to Consciousness

Henry Grynnsten


The question of consciousness has given rise to a lot of confusion in the search for its explanation. A myriad theories have been proposed, which however often only address one part of the issue. If the theory purports to explain how it arises in the brain, then the evolutionary reason for it is left unanswered and the reason for its existence left unaddressed. Accompanying phenomena such as language, as they seem to rely on consciousness, are usually not discussed. To understand consciousness, the four elements of time, memory, language, and tool-making can be used as approaches to get a grip on the phenomenon. Time may give a new perspective on the age-old materialism/idealism dichotomy. Closely connected with time is memory, so the question is what role, if any, it plays for consciousness. And as language is linked to memory, we can ask if that is of relevance to the question. Tool-making may be linked to language and at least give clues to the time of its appearance.

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