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From Quantum Universe to Holographic Brain: The Spiritual Nature of Mankind

Francisco Di Biase


We are living a special moment in the scientific evolution of our civilization, with the emergence of a fantastic integral holoinformational quantum-holographic cosmovision [3]. The foundation of this new paradigmatic transformation connecting all levels of the universe is the phenomenon of non-local information [1] interconnecting all self-organizing universal systems in this cosmos. This holoinformational intelligent self-organizing field is continuously emerging from a plenum (not a vacuum) that permeates all the cosmos, full of quantum information and energy popping out of nothing every billion of trillionth of a second. This quantum field plenum is a kind of cosmic DNA scattering “in-formation” (active information with meaning that forms the reality) through all the universe, creating galaxies and supernovas with thermonuclear furnaces generating atoms of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen the basis of all life forms. The fine-tuned biosignature of this non-local informational field is so fundamental for the cosmic evolution and the emergence of life that it must be seen as a cosmic organizational principle with a “status” equal to matter, energy and space-time, and as we shall see, also consciousness.

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ISSN: 2153-8212