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Can an Experiment with Delayed-Choice Quantum Erasers & Time Crystals Show Evidence of a Multiverse?

Tariq Khan


In this article, the author proposes a modification to the delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment by including time crystals as an additional feature.  The possible results or outcomes are considered including speculations on possible applications and philosophical interpretations.  A proposed experiment using two observers at three points in time and a bank of delayed-choice quantum erasers each linked to a time crystal might either show we live in a multiverse, possibly send messages back in time, or redefine or even refute the current understanding of the nature of time crystals.  The hope is that this proposal can help the debate over the nature of the delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment and help further clarify the nature of time crystals and even the role of conscious observers in quantum eraser experiments.

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ISSN: 2153-8212