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Vedic Traditions & Scientific Applications

Domadal Pramod


India is a land of temples and pilgrimage centres. It is ruled by many kings of different people and constructed by many religious places and temples and education centres for the betterment of their life and to understand purpose of life so that they upgrade them self and to the higher levels by following the Vedic scriptures and visiting the divine places. Thus, the Hindus have staunch believers of spirituality. They follow traditions and customs, based on Santan Dharma, which are derived from the Vedic scriptures and two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. They are meant for a prosperous, healthy, and spiritual environment in the society which would be free from the infections and crimes. The individual or society who follows systematically experience peace and harmony. In this materialistic world, people have either neglected or have forgotten to adhere to traditions and cultural values, may be due to the lack of understanding of their importance in everyday life. The sudden outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 has compelled them to realize and understand their importance, how our forefathers and sages designed without any flaws, and passed from one generation to another for the wellbeing of people and to protect from unforeseen incidents and epidemic diseases. Modern studies show that there is a strong relationship between spirituality and medicine. There are a large number of traditions and customs in Hindu scriptures. Some of the prominent traditions (such as hygienic and satvik food, eating habits, isolation, cleanliness, healing prayers, healthy children, yagnas, etc.) are systematically analyzed and presented in this paper. All the Vedic traditions are scientifically based and they need to be explored further for understanding the science behind them.

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