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Quantum Mindnature Matrix: Mechanisms of Formative Causation of Evolution

Graham P. Smetham


The evidence which has been claimed for the formative causation hypothesis is controversial and is generally discounted by mainstream workers in the field. And, because the power of the dominance of the materialist worldview is still overwhelming the kind of evidence required in order to convince skeptics would have to be irresistible. This is because there seems to be a deeply ingrained antagonistic prejudice towards theories which threaten materialistic approaches to understanding the process of reality. The approach adopted within the quantum Mindnature perspective in challenging the mechanistic-materialist worldview begins from a significantly different point because it takes the quantum evidence as it is now as the ground for developing a metaphysical overview, an overview which precisely coheres with all significant current quantum perspectives. As this work shows the breadth, scope and depth of the overarching and detailed metaphysical perspective is so dramatic that it is difficult to conceive of an alternative metaphysical perspective bringing together diverse areas of discourse together in such a detailed and precise manner. It was not anticipated at the outset, for instance, that the natural evolutionary development of the quantum Mindnature perspective itself would account for the process of evolution as well as otherwise unexplained phenomena within the field of evolutionary development. And one of the significant implications of this perspective is that something akin to formative causation must be operating at, and through, the quantum level.

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