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Metaphorms: Physics Is Not Beyond You and You Make It Matter Part I

Iona Miller


The most deconstructed archetypal forms are vortexes, toroids, solitons, gyres, and singularities. The most fundamental archetype of process is the Field. To claim the wave is unphysical and the particle is physical is a dated idea of the relation between mind and body. The quantum vacuum is a dynamic massless scalar field. Scalars are just active information; a hologram is pure information. Entanglement is a property of nonlocal quantum information exchange. The central spiral vortex crossover point (all adjoining toroidal fractal involved fields) is what physicists call a “twistor” or a “wormhole”. The underlying structure of the torus is the Vector Equilibrium, or “VE”. Buckminster Fuller called it the blueprint by which nature forms energy into matter. In a vortex "outer" coexists with "inner" in a dimensional morphing contorsion-continuum. This vortex energy modality of the fractal universes -- this fractal -- repeats in every manifestation, including the Earth (the Body), the Psyche, the Soul, the Spirit that are manifested in the 4 Elements of Earth / Water / Air / Fire and their Torus-Vortex interactions.  Fuller's search for a geometry of vectors led him to the isotropic vector matrix. Vectors produce conceptual structural models of energy events. Scalar space is "multi-" rather than "three-dimensional." Vectors are directed in every possible direction, while deliberately maintaining equivalent lengths and angles. This equivalence is necessarily determined by the symmetry of space. Vector Equilibrium is the "zerophase" of energetic manifestation.

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