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Reissner's Fiber, Quanta & Consciousness

Lawrence C. Wile


Reissner's fiber, a strategically located, glycoprotein, thread-like structure, consisting of 2-5 nanometer fibrils which runs through the center of the cerebral ventricles and central canal of the spinal cord is a unique site for investigating the interaction between quanta and consciousness.  An intriguing possibility is that the degeneration of Reissner's fiber which is typically unconsciously perceived during the period of early separation and individuation of the ego, mirrors the primal origin of our religious and mystic and traditions which witnessed the destruction of the unity of man, God and the cosmos.  The "subtle anatomy" from ancient Hindu, Jewish and Chinese mystical traditions, which describes a cosmic energy within a hollow tube in the spine, may not be merely a metaphor for man's quest for God, but a description based on introspection of the degenerating.  The emerging fields of quantum biology and epigenetics now offer the possibility of rediscovering lost secrets and reawakening dormant potentials of human consciousness.

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ISSN: 2153-8212