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Existential Cause & Experiential Effect

Steven E. Kaufman


The idea that what we experience as physical-material reality is what's actually there is the flat Earth idea of our time. That is, the idea that physical-material reality is what's actually there where we experience it to be is an idea that, based upon appearances, seems to be true, in the same way that while standing in the middle of Illinois the Earth appears to be flat, but from a broader perspective is seen to be but an illusion of limited perspective. That broader perspective is afforded by the limitations of experience revealed by quantum physics in the form of the phenomena of wave-particle duality, quantum uncertainty, and quantum entanglement, which limitations, in revealing the nature of experience to be Experiencer dependent, provide insight into the way in which experience is created as the product of a relation of Consciousness, i.e., What Is Actually There, to Itself. However, the same limitations of experience revealed by these phenomena serve to hide from view what these phenomena reveal about the nature of experiential reality, including how experiential reality is created, when considered within a materialistic framework, i.e., within a framework wherein material reality is conceived of as being what's actually there. Thus, although it may seem that we live in a world of  material cause and effect, we actually live in a world of Existential cause and experiential effect. That is, we live in a world where the cause is always some relation of Consciousness-Existence to Itself, and the effect is always the experience that is created and apprehended by the Individual Consciousness involved in that relation.

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