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Introduction to the System of the Cosmic Order

Robert Campbell


We intuitively sense that there must be such a thing as universal wholeness. We all need an integrating framework to make common sense of the diversity of our phenomenal experience. Undifferentiated universal wholeness must admit of the separate things that we experience. This necessarily introduces a Rift in Wholeness that requires discrete levels nested or subsumed within it. This is fundamental to the cosmic order and to the nature of being. There is one System of order that transcends and subsumes an open ended hierarchy of higher Systems that elaborate on it. Systems 1, 2, 3, and 4 are introduced accordingly. Although Systems higher than System 4 soon become beyond the grasp of human intelligence the first four Systems can take us very far and expand the horizons of science. They define the structural dynamics of the creative process that seeks to mend the Rift in Wholeness.

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