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The Nervous System Part 1: Spinal Cord

Robert Campbell


The rudiments of System 4 are reviewed in brief by first reviewing the Universal Hierarchy that is specified by the Primary Universal Term UT9. This specifies the meaning implicit in each of the four active interfaces or Centers that constitute all of the nine Terms of System 4. There are only nine possible ways that these four interfaces can mutually relate with respect to a common inside and outside, each way delineating a Term. There are nevertheless expressive and regenerative modes to most of the Terms that allow System 4 to span and integrate events in space and time. The Primary and Secondary Universal Sets have transform sequences that span four Particular Steps and that regulate the six Step Transform sequences of both modes of the Particular Terms into three four Step Cycles. Three Particular Sets transform through the six term sequence one Step apart. Since there are seven expressive terms and five regenerative terms in the transform sequence of each Particular Set it takes twelve Steps in three four Step Cycles to complete all sequences. These transform Steps correspond precisely synapse by synapse to how the human nervous system has evolved to meaningfully integrate experience. This is powerful confirmation of System 4 as an accurate representation of the Cosmic Order as it applies in living biological systems. It specifies the structural pattern implicit in the evolutionary process of the biosphere. It also applies to biological evolution as it may occur anywhere in the universe.

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