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Power of Meditation: Materialization of Energy/Intentions

Pradeep B. Deshpande, Mahendra Sunkara, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni


Different tiny particles of stable matter, one of which we have identified as pure gold, have been found at several meditation sites where a yoga Guru and his followers were meditating. Among the alternative explanations for the appearance of these particles are: (1) When a meditator who has achieved a high level of consciousness delves deep into meditation, the energy drawn from the five elements or forces of nature is created part of which condenses in the form of tiny particles. In this instance there is no deliberate intention to materialize the particles, (2) In the case of followers the phenomena of synchronization/stochastic resonance may explain the appearance of these particles since they are part of the same network of the yoga Guru. However, the followers being at varying but lower levels of consciousness, their biological/physiological systems are unable to harness the much higher energy of the yoga Guru rejecting the excess energy which results in the materialization of different types of particles. It is also possible that in the case of the followers this is an instance of materialization of intention since the news of these particles first appearing around the yoga Guru would have traveled to the deep recesses of the followers’ consciousness. Further studies under controlled conditions are needed to confirm the observations. The work points to the intriguing possibility of meditation at the disposal of outstanding scientists leading to breakthrough solutions to significant human challenges such as renewable energy, desalination of sea water, etc.

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