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The Sedona Effect: Correlations between Geomagnetic Anomalies, EEG Brainwaves & Schumann Resonance

Iona Miller, Ben Lonetree


Evidence of Sedona magnetic anomaly and brainwave EEG synchronization can be demonstrated with portable equipment on site in the field, during sudden magnetic events. Previously, we have demonstrated magnetic anomaly charts recorded in both known and unrecognized Sedona vortex activity locations. We have also shown a correlation or amplification of vortex phenomena with Schumann Resonance. Adding the third measurable parameter of brain wave activity, we demonstrate resonance and amplification among them. We suggest tiny magnetic crystals, biogenic magnetite, make human beings highly sensitive to ELF field fluctuations. Biological Magnetite could act as a transducer of both low frequency magnetic fields and RF fields.

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ISSN: 2153-8212