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The Falsehood of the Materialists’ Mindless Evolution of Minds from Mindless Matter

Graham P. Smetham


Despite the fact that the advent of the quantum revolution indicates that the ultimate ‘stuff’ of the process of reality, made up of quantum fields, is insubstantial and immaterial, there seem to be a legion of past their sell by date pundits still championing the cause of a crude nineteenth century materialism. Materialists cling to the conviction that ‘matter’ is the ultimate constituent of the process of reality, as when Dennett asserts that a “mindless little scrap of molecular machinery” is the basis for the development of mind. However, the unfolding quantum teleological perspective suggests that that there is a mind-like inner teleological ‘pressure’ operating within the quantum realm of potentiality which functions in order to manifest the potentialities into experienced ‘realities’.

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