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Experiential Consciousness Research on the Physics of Now (Part II)

Amrit S. Sorli


In the model of the universe we developed, the “mathematical universe” is the direct medium of the information between the particles. In the mathematical universe the transfer of information is instant. In the material universe, at the scale of photons, information spreads at the speed of light. Consciousness is not information. Consciousness is manifesting and acting through the mathematical universe and DNA down into the level of the material world. Within this context, the human thought process is not an “energy phenomenon” carried by the electromagnetic waves as many people imagine. Thought is rather a phenomenon that belongs in the realm of the “mathematical universe”. Therefore, thinking has tremendous power. Any thought impregnates the entire universe. With thoughts and potent visualization one can eliminate certain physical problems in the body. When the mind is linked with consciousness harmonious thoughts are created. When the mind is subject of its own egoism, destructive thoughts are created. Emotions are an actual “energy/material” phenomenon, tied to the secretion of hormones on human physiology. Telepathy takes place via a mathematical universe between two or more minds.

Part II of this two-part article contains: 6. New horizons of Relativity Theory: A conscious observer is a reference system at absolute rest; 7. Experiential Consciousness Research (ECR): Exploration of consciousness calls for a new research methodology; Main publications; and Links.

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