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Unity Principle: Quantum Dipole & Subject-Object Relation (Part I)

Peter Kohut


The reality seems to have disintegrated into many different and independent spheres, but we feel intuitively that a great variety of existing forms should have a common basis. Deeper truth of our existence might have evaded detection by the materialistic science. How can we come to the true knowledge about our existence? A great desire of man is to find a true meaning of our life and the essence of being. Many philosophers and scientists have expressed the Unity Principle by saying “everything is connected to everything else”, but few have detected its essence. On the base of dialectical logic, the Unity Principle is discovered which illustrate not only the exact mechanism how the physical universe may work, but also the essence of consciousness and subsequently personal God representing the whole self-aware and self-creating reality of the highest complexity.

Part I of this series of articles includes: Introduction; Space and Time; Photon as Elementary Quantum of Existence; Dialectical Relations “Whole-Part, Continuity-Discreteness”; Dialectics of “One-Many”: Cosmic Expansion.

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ISSN: 2153-8212