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Beingness & Experience

Steven E. Kaufman


There is the reality of experience and there is the Reality of the Beingness that, through relation to Itself, creates what it then apprehends as experience. Beingness is what actually Exists; experience is what only seems to exist. Beingness is the Creator; experience is the creation. Beingness is the actual Reality; experience is the virtual reality. As Beingness we are like painters, and what we are painting is what we experience, and we can draw our paint from either the palette of allowing or resistance, and so paint either experiential wantedness or unwantedness, respectively. However, there are two ways to paint what we create as experience; from the ground up, by consciously choosing from which palette we draw and so consciously choosing what we create as experience; or from the top down, by unconsciously choosing from which palette we draw as a reaction to what we have already painted, thereby unconsciously choosing what we create as experience.

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ISSN: 2153-8212