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Consciousness, Cross-Cultural Anomalies and a Call for Experimental Research in Paranthropology

Joey M. Caswell


Consciousness investigation has seen a surge in experimental research conducted in the laboratory in order to empirically test various hypotheses related to the realm of ‘psi’ interactions and consciousness anomalies in general. However, many of the phenomena currently under investigation share striking similarities and convergence with a number of cross-cultural practices, particularly in the context of shamanism. While a small number of previous experiments investigated consciousness-related physical anomalies with cross-cultural practitioners, there is a conspicuous lack of field research conducted in cross-cultural settings which apply biophysical methodologies to the investigation of these phenomena. The emerging discipline of paranthropology has begun to provide a fresh perspective on this novel area by uniting the seemingly disparate realms of consciousness, psi, and traditional cultural practices. More recent experiments conducted as part of the Transnational Anomalies Research collaboration have sought to employ theoretical perspectives of paranthropology in the experimental investigation of consciousness and culture. As demonstrated, even an abstract application of cross-cultural ideas to biophysical research into consciousness and psi may provide relevant avenues of future research. Furthermore, an emphasis on cross-cultural collaboration and subsequent field research may allow for a fuller understanding and appreciation of these anomalous processes, especially when considering the phenomenology of psi.

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ISSN: 2153-8212