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Transnational FieldREG Exploration II: Investigating the FieldREG Phenomenon in a Range of Novel Settings

Joey M. Caswell, J. Miguel Gaona, Lucas W. E. Tessaro, Nicolas Rouleau, Andrew Lapointe


A series of preliminary field experiments investigating the phenomenon of consciousness-correlated effects on Random Event Generator (REG) devices was recently conducted by our group, which revealed interesting effects on these random physical systems associated with subjectively emotional events occurring in the immediate environment. We have since explored a range of novel settings in the context of this apparent “FieldREG” effect. This has included a number of specific environments which expand upon the previous literature in this area by investigating additional phenomena typically associated with classic parapsychology. While the results obtained for these particular experiments supported our initial hypotheses in general, the re-examination of a religious setting proved particularly inconsistent, while still presenting some intriguing overall results. Exploratory theoretical considerations are suggested for future research.

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ISSN: 2153-8212