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Near Death Experiences & Afterlife in Religions (II)

Kamel B. Salem


As the intensive care techniques improve, more and more patients are brought back to life from the frontier of clinical death.  Some of them tell about their significantly intense experience when they seem to live and function outside their body.  First, we shall present the various stages of a near death experience (NDE). We shall particularly explain why the observed phenomena during an NDE are troubling and destabilizing for the adepts of certain religions. Second, we shall analyze and interpret these phenomena according to different points of view.  We then discuss life in the hereafter and exhibit some of its properties.  In this paper we shall also raise the issue of premonitory dreams which constitute a mystery for scientists.

Part II of this two-part article includes: 4. Life after Death according to the Holy Scriptures; 5. Conclusions; and References.

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ISSN: 2153-8212