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On Non-locality III: Dimensional Biopsychophysics

Vernon M. Neppe, Edward R. Close


In this third article of the six-part series, we extend to dimensions and the new area of dimensional biopsychophysics and recognize that we need extend beyond Popperian falsifiability to examine also feasibility of the limited jigsaw pieces we have available. This leads to the concept of lower dimensional feasibility, absent falsification. We recognize the importance of differentiating the discrete in the finite from the continuity that is in infinity. And we briefly show that the authors’ “triadic dimensional-distinction vortical paradigm” model can be applied both empirically and mathematically in the analyses of the higher dimensions, including the 9 spinning finite dimensions that we have derived. The Standard Model of physics works bottoms-up from the experiences of 3 dimensions of space in a moment in time, as compared with a top-down approach. We introduce what we regard as the most fundamental concept, namely “immediacy”.

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ISSN: 2153-8212