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On Non-locality IV: Necessary Conceptualization

Vernon M. Neppe, Edward R. Close


In this fourth article of the six-part series, we discuss the different levels of relative non-locality and why it is relative to a general level, and specific to the framework of an observer. We recognize the four major consciousness levels: relative dimensional non-locality, relative infinite non-locality, relative mystical non-locality, and relative transfinite non-locality and add to that relative quantal non-locality. The authors’ data deriving 9 spinning dimensions are pertinent and discuss in more detail our concept of immediacy. Similarly, we motivate the infinite by applying the idea of an infinite flow, “gimmel”, impacting all of finite reality from the sub-quantal to the cosmological. We conceptualize the role of the transfinite as the “10th plus dimension”, and the practical significance for us in space-time accentuated in a reality governed by the laws of nature.

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ISSN: 2153-8212