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On Non-locality V: More Esoteric Relative Non-locality

Vernon M. Neppe, Edward R. Close


In this fifth article of the six-part series, we discuss the more esoteric and general kinds of relative non-locality, namely relative subliminal non-locality still in space-time, and relative time non-locality with only apparent time shifts, the disputed relative local non-locality where some kind of broader psi may precede regular speech communication, and relative pseudo non-locality variably due to brain malfunctions, psychopathological or other misinterpretations. We then examine global examples: Relative delta non-locality as any ostensible relative non-locality without defining the level, relative higher non-locality where there is specifically a relative non-locality but we don’t categorize the level, and again relative quantal non-locality as any relative non-locality in quantum physics.

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ISSN: 2153-8212