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A Simple Fractal Model of the Conscious Universe

Cyd Ropp


In the Simple Explanation, the enclosure of our material universe is a very large toroidal pattern at the "outside" edge of creation. This would be the Universal pattern at its largest fractal scale, the Universal Unit of Consciousness, akin to the singular black void at the center of the Mandlebrot Set. Drilling downward from the greatest torus (the Universal UC) to smallest, the Units of Consciousness associated with sub-atomic particles are the smallest manifest fractal expressions of the Universal set. These smallest material instantiations of creation pass from the realm of pure consciousness through causal energy to material instantiation through calculations of the Universal fractal formula. The crossover from pure consciousness to material instantiation occurs at the edge of an infinite series of ever smaller fractal divisions proceeding downward from the lower limit of material instantiation (Planck's constant), and then energetically finer and finer until energy is finally suspended in the infinite stillness of non-being--the Metaverse.

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ISSN: 2153-8212