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Towards a Cognitive Neuroscience of Peace and Universal Values

Jeffery J. Davis


A human being is a combination of an animal and a spiritual being and can only become conscious of higher Mind and Voice, when the proper spiritual conditions are fulfilled in his or her life. These conditions enable a cognitive map that gives access (with the brain and heart working in unison) to a global awareness and perception of the dynamic interplay between the Physical and the Spiritual domains. Neuroscience in the future, may contribute to humanity by identifying which life styles, diets, activities, qualities, states of being and thought forms are more conducive to such cognitive maps, and how some brain-heart system’s capabilities like, communication being to being (telepathy), remote viewing, healing, sustained positive emotions and the perception of a continuous flow of synchronistic events, are a consequence of a healthy human brain being “rewired” to broadcast higher Mind and, an “open heart” sustaining feelings of Love and Compassion.

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ISSN: 2153-8212