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How Imagination Could Be Realized p-Adically?

Matti Pitkanen


One of the original motivations for identifying p-adic physics as a possible correlate for cognition, imagination and  intentionality was that p-adic differential equations allow pseudo constants as integration constants -  piecewise constant functions depending on finite number of pinary digits have vanishing p-adic derivatives. The naive idea about the realization of intentional action is that a quantum phase transition changes p-adic space-time sheet representing intention to a real one representing action. This idea was too simplistic and in the following a more refined mathematical realization based on strong form of holography is proposed. Imaginations are identified as being represented by string world sheets and partonic 2 -surfaces which can be continued to p-adic preferred extremal for various p-adic primes but not necessarily real ones. Only realizable intentions can be continued also to the real preferred extremals.

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ISSN: 2153-8212