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Channeling as an Altered State of Consciousness in Transpersonal Psychology Therapy

Raul Valverde


Transpersonal Psychology considers that the psyche is multidimensional and that there are several "levels of consciousness" and each has different characteristics and is governed by different laws. The main goal of transpersonal theory is to integrate the spiritual experience within a broader understanding of the human psyche. The most used tool by professionals in transpersonal psychology is the use of transpersonal experiences through altered states of consciousness for self exploration such as the holotropic therapy developed by Stanislav Grof. Channelling is a parapsychological phenomenon which is considered an altered state of consciousness, although there are many differences of opinion as to whether channelling, is really true, what is known is that in many cases this phenomena can be attributed to the very psyche of the individual who manifested this phenomena and so could be used in psychology to know more about the inner subconscious of the individual.

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