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On the Nature of & Relation between Form & Formlessness: Introduction

Steven E. Kaufman


This universe consists of both experiential forms as well as the formless Consciousness by which every experiential form is apprehended, and in the absence of which formless Consciousness no experiential form, i.e., no reality, has ever been, or can ever be, known to exist. In the usual analysis of the nature of the universe the emphasis is generally placed upon the experiential forms and their relations to each other, and in the rare instances where Consciousness is even mentioned it is usually afforded a secondary status, as it is usually assumed that the phenomenon of Consciousness is somehow produced through some relation or set of relations occurring between the physical or material realities of which the universe seems to be, and so is assumed to be, composed. In this work that emphasis is reversed, since this work takes the position that the universe is actually composed of a singular and formless Consciousness, and that it is the relations of that Consciousness to Itself that produce the forms which that singular, formless, and yet individualized Consciousness then apprehends as the universe of experiential forms—physical, mental, and emotional—that we call reality.

This work consists of the following series of articles: Introduction; Part 1: The Evolution of the Formless into Form while Creating Lesser Form (1, 2 & 3); Part 2: The Identification of the Formless with Lesser Form; & Part 3: The Identification of the Formless with Itself (1 & 2).

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