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On the Nature of & Relation between Form & Formlessness: Part 3: The Identification of the Formless with Itself (1)

Steven E. Kaufman


In the third part of this work what is described is how formless Consciousness, owing to the way in which it naturally relates to the world of forms once it has lost sight of Itself though identification with form, unknowingly keeps Itself caught up in, and so bound to, the relation with Itself that is creating its identification with form, and so unknowingly perpetuates both its identification with form as well as its inability to become aware or conscious of the Formlessness that is Itself, thereby also perpetuating the illusion that reality, i.e., apprehended form, is what is actually there where it appears to be. Also described in the third part of this work is what form-identified Consciousness must do, so to speak, in order to extricate Itself from the cage of form-identification in which it is, owing to the way it naturally relates to Itself through the proxy of form while still identified with form, unknowingly keeping Itself trapped. And what form-identified Formlessness must do, in order to extricate Itself from the cage of form-identification in which it has trapped Itself, is change the way it naturally and habitually relates to the universe of experiential forms, owing to its identification with form, while still identified primarily with form.

This first article of Part 3 contains the following sections: The mutually exclusive nature of identification with form and identification with the Formless; The self-perpetuating nature of the Movement into identification with form; & The way out of form-identification.

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