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Experimental Production of Excess Correlation across the Atlantic Ocean of Right Hemispheric Theta-Gamma Power between Subject Pairs Sharing Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields (Part II)

Mandy A. Scott, Nicolas Rouleau, Brendan S. Lehman, Lucas W. E. Tessaro, Lyndon M. Juden-Kelly, Kevin S. Saroka, Michael A. Persinger


There have been multiple historical and cross-cultural reports of excess correlation of specific experiences between individuals separated by thousands of kilometers. Recently there have been experimental demonstrations of excess correlations between measurable cerebral events for small percentages of test subjects. More reliable effects can be elicited when electromagnetic fields and photons are involved. In this experiment completed during the summer of 2015, 5 pairs of volunteers separated by more than 6,000 km wore identical cerebral toroids through which patterns of phase shifting, 30 nT magnetic fields that diminished the local magnetic field in both loci by 1-5 nT were exposed to the sequences that produced excess correlation in chemiluminescent reactions and shifts in pH. Compared to the various baselines and control procedures enhanced power between the right hemispheres of pairs of participants occurred during the interval documented to produce excess correlation. Specific analyses indicated diminished coherence within the theta band only within the right temporal lobes of the pairs. Sequential block analyses revealed that the paired brains’ responses to pulsed tones at 6.5 Hz occurred within the 30-40 Hz band over the caudal temporal lobes during the exposures to the effector field. Primary independent component analyses verified these patterns. During the 6.5 Hz tones there was a peak in the spectral power density (SPD) at that frequency over the right temporal lobe of the person listening but a trough in (SPD) over this region for the person who was not. Even subjective experiences, as measured by the Profile of Mood States (POMS), indicated significantly increased excess correlation for scales by which increased anger and decreased vigour are inferred. This experiment, based upon physical principles, suggests there is a technology that can generate reliable excess correlation of brain activity (and potentially consciousness and specific experiences) between two people separated by thousands of kilometers.

Part II of this two-part article includes: 4. Results and Discussion (continued); 5. General Discussion; Appendix A; and References.

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ISSN: 2153-8212