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The Co-Evolution of Consciousness and Language and the Development of Memetic Equilibrium

Christopher W. diCarlo


We now have significant evidence indicating many of the evolutionary constraints that contributed to the transitional phases through which hominins evolved cognitively from pre-conscious to gradually increasingly conscious states. With the co-evolution of language and consciousness, our ancestors were able to better understand relationships in terms of causality, morality, and mortality. And this is where we begin to see the incorporation of more and more memes into emerging and developing cultures. I will attempt to demonstrate that the acceptance of memes will deviate from individual, kin or group biological equilibrium if the perceived benefit of the meme(s) is intended to increase S-R value. With the emergence of sophisticated languages and consciousness, there arose an intimate and powerful connection between the memes of any particular individual, kin or group and their biological equilibrium.

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ISSN: 2153-8212