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Comparison of Jeremy England's View about Life and Evolution with TGD

Matti Pitkanen


The thermodynamic approach of Jeremy England to life has gained a considerable attention. In this article I will summarize this approach and compare it with TGD vision. The generalization of the thermodynamic approach to TGD framework leads to surprising new insights about the thermodynamic conditions making life and consciousness possible. The new elements relate to zero energy ontology (ZEO), hierarchy of Planck constants labelling levels in a hierarchy dark matter assignable with quantum criticality, the role of macroscopic quantum coherence associated with gravitation and strong form of holography. Rather surprisingly, the TGD counterparts of Hawking temperature and Hagedorn temperature seem to be crucial for life and correspond to physiological temperature scales.  Near Hawking temperature the special features of ZEO become manifest meaning that time reversals of "selves" (mental images) are generated with a considerable rate in heat bath and long term memory and planned action become possible.

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