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Nonlocal Processes & Entanglement as a Signature of a Cosmic Hyperdimension of Consciousness

Chris H. Hardy


Five groups of anomalies regarding spacetime laws reveal ‘beyond spacetime’ processes and point to a meta region of the universe that would accommodate them. They are (1) the nonlocality in entanglement; (2) nonlocality in psi processes; (3) a sub-Planckian (subquantum) region at the origin of the universe (preceding the emergence of matter, space, and time), as well as at the sub-Planckian scale in general; (4) a non-material ‘dark energy’ filling the cosmos; and (5) speeds breaking the speed of light C during the inflation phase. Moreover, the connective and/or semantic properties of these anomalies rule out a quantum vacuum or quantum mechanics (QM) explanation as well. Such a ‘beyond spacetime’ region, in cosmology, has to be modeled as a hyperdimension (HD). The Infinite Spiral Staircase Theory (ISST, Hardy 2015) posits a triune hyperdimension—of hyperspace, hypertime and consciousness—, that allows all five anomalies while laying a cogent grounding for meaningful (semantic) interconnectedness and mind-over-matter influences as exhibited both by psi and by the connective dynamics of mind and consciousness in Semantic Fields Theory.

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ISSN: 2153-8212