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On Language & the Cosmic Order

Robert Campbell


Scientific attempts to describe reality are severely constrained by limitations implicit in language. All language derives in some way from sensory experience as interpreted by how our nervous system has structurally evolved with specific numbers of synaptic junctions to meaningfully integrate experience. The cosmic order works through hierarchically nested active interface processes that are not reducible to language and this includes active interface processes at synapses between neurons. Furthermore language has evolved as a left brain social tool to help us cope collectively with the flux of circumstance. It is culturally conditioned. The limitations apply to the whole of science, despite the immense fund of factual evidence that science has accumulated. It is the meaningful interpretation of that evidence where the sterility of left brain language becomes so evident. A non-linguistic intuitive approach to the cosmic order that is accessible by the holistic right brain is essential to bring our three brains to a sustainable balance.

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ISSN: 2153-8212