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Cosmic Being as the Meaning of Evolution (Part I)

Robert Campbell


A careful review of the natural record up to levels of sentient awareness from protozoa to humans reveals a new perspective of the evolutionary process related to knowledge of processes extended in space and time. There is an apparent progressive delegation of knowledge drawing on experience learned across parallel evolving streams that is integrated in levels of progressive refinement. The process requires that objective experience must have a subjective quantum equivalent that is timeless and boundless such that the whole of history is embraced by a spatially indeterminate Void. This is consistent with the empirical fact that all we can ever know is active interface processes between a common Inside and Outside. They are mutually reconciled in the boundless Void that exhibits no distinction between subject and object. Since it spans and integrates the whole of space and time it is associated with mind. This indicates that there is a Universal Active Interface that subsumes an open ended hierarchy of active interface processes nested within it that constitutes the whole cosmic order. In other words, there is a Universal Source that embraces all possible structural varieties of Being in phenomenal experience. This is a necessary condition of Universal Wholeness from which universal values and truth derive. Direction is apparent in the evolutionary process that has ascended levels of sentient awareness delegating to human beings a capacity to intuitively recognize our eternal cosmic destiny transcending the whole of space and time. The evidence indicates that this is the only possible condition for bringing our three brains to a sustainable timeless balance. Our personal spiritual destiny as well as our collective future in the biosphere depends upon it.

Part I of this two-part article includes:  Introduction; Modern Science; Einstein’s Continuum & the Big Bang; Max Planck & Quantum Mechanics; The Void; Louis de Broglie & Quantum Mechanics; The Betrayal of Truth; The Origin of Biological Life; Evolution from Single Cells; The Plants; The Invertebrates; The Vertebrates; The Reptiles; and The Lower Mammals.

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