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Human Consciousness as Epiphenomenon of Primordial Consciousness (Part I)

Alex Vary


We explore the premise that the human mind and consciousness emerge as an epiphenomenon of a primordial consciousness. We posit a transcendent primordial consciousness which preexists its human vessel and which produces and evolves that vessel. Although human consciousness may emerge neurologically, a mechanism underlying its transcendent nature is suggested; that is, a primordial consciousness engenders cyclic processes that generate, shape, and evolve the neurological vessel. We suggest that cyclic processes which produce and implement informational fields and signals are inherent to the mesostratum which is a signal storage and transmission modality. Accordingly, we argue that a primordial consciousness generates the life cycles and the neural networks from which human consciousness emerges. The best instrument for exploring mesostratum informational fields and signal contents is the human brain/mind, specifically, exceptional individuals possessing unique abilities to access and employ mesostratum consciousness signals. Examples of such individuals are cited. The examples illustrate that human consciousness can access, retrieve, analyze and employ the content of the informational field, the akashic field, residing in the mesostratum.

Part I of this two-part article includes: Introduction; 1. Fundamental Considerations; 2. Mesostratum and Mind Loop; and 3. Stochastic & Epigenetic Emergence of Life.

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ISSN: 2153-8212