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Exploration on the Physical Basis of Love (Part II)

Richard L. Amoroso


The physical basis of Love has remained mysterious. The nature of love has typically been left to the muse of poets and inspiration of philosophers. Psychologists usually refer to love as an emotion and biologists as a biochemical condition. Proponents of Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggest love can be described by a computer program even with current computer technology if we only knew the correct algorithm. Cognitive psychologists would profess that love reduces to configurational states in neural networks, microtubules or synapses. These aspects are not denied only that they are the wrapping and not the essence of love itself. Now that the physical cosmology of the mind-body interaction (awareness) has been discovered, it is possible to describe the fundamental basis of love. What is the soul, what is life, what is intelligence, and especially what is love and why it takes a whole new cosmology to be adequately described are questions that the noetic science of complex Self-Organized Living Systems (SOLS) begins to formally answer.

Part II of this two-part article includes: 6. The Physical Basis of Love; 7. EPR Entanglement Precursor to Understanding Physical Cosmology of Love - Qualia – IV; 8. The Physical Nature of Love; 9. The Next Evolutionary Step for Homo Sapiens - Lucis Sapiens; 10. Searching for Ecstasy; 11. Primacy of love Fundamental to Existence; 12. Anecdotal Insight Related to Entrained Science; 13. In Conclusion - What is Love? and References.

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