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The Liberation of Consciousness from Identification with Form through Non-reactivity (Part II)

Steven E. Kaufman


Although what human Beings ultimately are is formless Consciousness, or That by which all form is known, what the vast majority of human Beings presently know themselves to be is some set of experiential forms that are being both created and known by the formless Consciousness that they actually are. And once Consciousness believes itself to be form, that belief tends to persist, because once Consciousness identifies with experiential form that misidentification is perpetuated through the way in which form-identified Consciousness then tends to deal with the universe of experiential forms while knowing itself as one of those forms. Specifically, while knowing itself as form, Consciousness tends to react to all other forms of which it subsequently becomes aware, and such reactions, or reactive Movements, because they are always a continuation of the movement of Consciousness into identification with form, perpetuate the identification of Consciousness with form, and therefore keep Consciousness trapped in a state of delusion, where it remains both conscious of itself as it is not, as well as unable to become conscious of That which it truly Is. And since it is primarily through these reactive Movements that Consciousness both binds Itself to this delusion regarding its nature, and also blinds Itself to its true Nature, it is only by beginning to become involved instead in the opposite Movement, i.e., in non-reactivity, which is a movement of Consciousness that does not have as its basis the identification of Consciousness with form, that Consciousness can begin to both free Itself from this delusion, as well as become conscious of That which it truly Is.

Part II of this four-part article includes: 3. Withdrawing from reactive Movement; 4. The binding nature of reactive Movement; 5. Consciousness trapped in mind; and 6. The purpose served by the identification of Consciousness with form.

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