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On the Double-slit Experiment of Dean Radin

Matti Pitkanen


Dean Radin and his team have carried out an interesting variant of double-slit experiment using laser beam to test the idea that observer induces state function reduction. Wave aspect of photons implies that photons arrive through both slits to the screen, where the absorbed photons give rise to an interference patter. Subject person - either meditator or a person having not practicized meditation - imagines that the photons arriving to the screen arrive through either slit - that is intend to detect through which slit the photon goes. A slight deviation of the interference pattern from that obtained in absence of the subject person emerges in the case of meditators. Second experiment is carried out via net and similar effect is obtained. In this article a TGD explanation for the findings is discussed.

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ISSN: 2153-8212