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Consciousness & Biological Dark Matter

Janina Marciak-Kozlowska, Miroslaw Kozlowski


As early as 2003, we proposed the existence of heavy photon with mass in the order of 3.4keV/c2. This new photon would guarantee the stability of matter at the atomic level. Recently, a possible candidate with mass of 3.5 keV/c2 has been discovered. A single-particle sterile neutrinon addition to the standard model of particle physics provides a minimalist extension that can be produced as a particle in negligible (standard) lepton number cosmologies through non-resonant collision-dominated production via neutrino oscillations in the early Universe. The new sterile neutrino with mass 7 keV decays according to the formula n ® 2g  where g  are the photons with energy 3.5 keV. In this paper, we calculated the rescaled energy of the photons emitted by analog of the sterile neutrino in brain according to our model of 2013. The calculated energy is of the order.

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