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Psychoanalysis & Cosmic Order (Part II)

Robert Campbell


The article is in two parts. Part One reviews the structural foundations of psychoanalysis in broad outline as initiated by Sigmund Freud and further developed by Carl Jung. The focus is on structure as it relates to both normal behavior as well as abnormal stressful conditions. In Part Two it is shown how this structural outline is consistent in some essential details and inconsistent in others with how the cosmic order was revealed to the author. Psychoanalysis is a branch of psychiatry pioneered by Sigmund Freud. It was clear to him that many mainstream psychiatric problems are rooted in the formative years from infancy, together with later-stage developments and compensations according to individual circumstances. His sexual theory was especially central to his practice. The stages of development that he defined will be largely skipped over without commenting on their validity in order to focus on his overall structural synthesis. Later the relevance of both Freud’s work and that of Jung to the cosmic order will be reviewed.

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