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The Emergent Structure of Consciousness (Part I)

Cosmin Visan


Current day Physics and Science in general are based on a computational quantitative-reductionist approach that even though highly successful, they not only still leave consciousness out, but they don’t appear to offer any key of how consciousness is even supposed to be integrated into the current scientific establishment. This delay of integrating consciousness into Science starts to suggest that the current approaches might not be the most suitable tools of tackling consciousness. Therefore, in this paper, an approach that would be in contrast to current Science, but ending by subsuming it, would be employed in analyzing consciousness. Consciousness would be shown to be an emergent phenomenon that would show a consistent structure throughout, and in this structure, suggestions for integrating current Physics would be made.

Part I of this two-part article includes: Introduction; Visual Structure; Other Qualia Domains; Top-down influence in levels; Multiple realizability; Does it really emerge?; The retentional passage of time; Memory; Diversity; Vividness; The Self; and Demergence.

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ISSN: 2153-8212