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The Origin of Consciousness in the Integration of Analog (Right Hemisphere) & Digital (Left Hemisphere) Codes

Paul C. Vitz


This article proposes that human self-consciousness came into existence through the transcendence of previously constructed but separate analog and digital codes, primarily located in the right and left hemisphere. This concept of transcendence is modeled on the sudden insight of Helen Keller. This insight, starting with the ability to name things, gives rise to a qualitatively unique human self-consciousness. It initiated human language and brought about the first human experiences of the past, the future, awareness of death, moral responsibility, and other distinctly human experiences. After a discussion of analog and digital codes in support of this interpretation, it is proposed that the self-conscious insight took place about 50,000 years ago in the brain of an early primitive human. The work of Tomasello and of Bickerton is used to identify necessary mental abilities that preceded the capacity for self-consciousness and language. Other relevant theorists treated include McGilchrist & Jaynes.

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ISSN: 2153-8212