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The Theory of Evolution of the Universe & Cosmic Consciousness: Scientific & Spiritual Viewpoints

Narendra D. Sharma


Theories on the evolution of the universe have been well established. But the subject of cosmic consciousness along with it has not been discussed, because the latter is considered purely metaphysical or spiritual and not in the domain of physical sciences. But, it appears that there is a very close connection between these two. Metaphysics meets physics at some point. This would appear more relevant, if we understand that our universe is a quantum universe and our mind is a quantum mind, a manifestation of the same. Moreover, nature knows no imperfection, and there exists an absolute symmetry in it. Even physicists are trying to find out what the symmetries are. According to quantum science, even God plays dice. But what kind of dice is it? Has he used beautiful mathematics in creating this universe? This article discusses the theory of evolution of universe as understood by physicists and cosmologists. Theory of proton decay and its relationship with cosmos is discussed. Hawking’s view of the universe is discussed next, and finally an attempt is made to understand the concept of the all-pervading Cosmic Consciousness in relation to known scientific ideas and the limitations thereof. 

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ISSN: 2153-8212